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Take A Look
Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 16.19.41
A short film exploring the ideas behind Steve Taylor's revised...
Take A Look
Martin's mind-bending posters!
Take A Look
the broken projector
A concept album we made under the pseudonym Mrs Ashley...
Take A Look
No Dialogue is a project we founded to celebrate filmmaking...
Take A Look
A kickstarter video we made for the new musical instrument...
Take A Look
Here is a pitch video we made for our new...

We’re brothers and Torchy is the world we live in. It’s our happy-clappy colourful playground full of puppety horror, existential dread and curmudgeonly contrarianism. It’s a kaleidoscope of Chocky, Alien, The Terminator, Young Ones, Spaced, Bottom, David Lynch, Children of the Stones, The Wicker Man, Alan Partridge, Jake Thackray, Kubrick, John Carpenter, Smell of Reeves & Mortimer, Stan Winston, Kate Bush, KRS ONE, Dario Argento, Saul Bass, Wu-Tang-Clan, Andrei Tarkovsky… the list goes on a bit. And so do we given half a chance.

Martin is an illustrator, designer, music producer and DJ. Under the moniker ‘Martipants’, Martin has been a support DJ for the likes of Orbital, PVT, Gold Panda, DJ Yoda and Ugly Duckling as well as producing two of his own full length albums (available on iTunes).

Martin works as a designer for creative agencies producing work for ROLAND, WARNER BROS, FISHER PRICE. To see more of his freelance work visit his website

Eifion is a filmmaker, sound recordist and sound designer. Eifion has over 10 years media industry experience ranging from the BBC to corporate video and independent short film or art projects.

You can see more of the work Eifion has done with other production companies here