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Swansea has a bad rap*. But there are plenty of people here doing inspiring, creative and entrepreneurial things. First up in episode 1 is Anna Redfern, owner of Cinema &Co, a forward thinking independent Cinema on the High St. The film was picked up by Swansea Council and we were asked to shoot some Vox Pops and re-cut it into another short film for Swansea’s City of Culture bid. Check out both films below…

*If you type ‘Swansea is the’ into google it’ll autocomplete to ‘Graveyard of Ambition’. This phrase has been attributed to the poet Dylan Thomas but there is no evidence he said it.

The intro graphics were heavily inspired by pulp comic horror/tales from the crypt


Graveyard Of Ambition

Swansea council picked up on the film and asked us to do a version featuring vox pops with the people of Swansea on the favourite films and going to the cinema. This film was used as part of the city of culture bid.

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